Diecast Models

Our offerings include several different brands available in many different sizes. Those sizes include the most common such as 1/64, 1/43, 1/24, 1/18. We carry models such as the corvette, ford bronco, dodge charge, camaro, and more. Building Diecast models for your first time can be an exciting new challenge and is a great way to spend free time.   GreenLight Die-casts lead the industry and exhibit very precision details such the headlights and grill and the custom paint and stripes and chrome trim,opening hoods to display the engine, and select models with opening      With different scale sizes and a wide variety of diecast to choose from and you get a choice of sets Hollywood Hitch and Tow Series with enclosed trailers or Hitch and Tow Series flat car haul trailer,some with drop hitch options or  browse the individual pieces. And with the Hollywood series many of the cars are fashioned after some of your favorite movies and classic television series such as Starsky and Hutch Ford Torino, The A-Team Van,and even the monster truck Bigfoot  also in different scale sizes. Perfect for you to make your own car chase diorama with some of your favorite movie and television cars as you would like to see them. Or even make your own personal car show. Or even do some of your own personal customising.  Add them to you train lay-out depending on the scale size. Find your favorite replica or dream of the real thing.These diecast would be a great addition to your diecast lay-out or a perfect gift for the diecast collector in your house to put on the mantle or in your own personal galley. You can also look at the diecast as an investment to share more time with the other members of your family that is in diecast collecting as well doors and real rubber tires as well.  These die-casts are great for collectors to display whether you are young or young at heart.All deliveries come with 5 - 7 day shipping so you can get started on your model as soon as possible